Here I am
A cut above you all
Silent as a grave
In favour of your death

Lethal is my pen
Perfect would be again
A fortune is with me
Unbeatable this shall be

Dare you come near
Yell you out there
And who is this me
Links the first letters to me

My Work

Since 2016 end, I am handling Technical Service and Sales of industrial laundry machines and accessories. I know the process involved in laundry business setup, marketing and its growth. I am one of the authorised service Engineer for Danube International (France), Pony(Italy) and SEKO (USA). Beside these, I am involved in other brands like Electrolux (Sweden), Maytag (USA), Speedqueen (USA), Hydrosystems (USA), SEITZ (Germany) and Sunrise (India).


Electrical Performance Analyser

An Arduino UNO based project for realtime data recording and analysis.

Pickup and Delivery App

Android app for for their pickup and delivery service.

Achievements unlocker

PHP based script for unlocking achievements of any game based on Google api services. Additionally it is capable to push fake highscore to Google's leaderboard.

RABC Analyser

Windows console based app for extracting the total washes done in Danube Washer. Also C# based GUI app is partially developed!

Electrical Thief Eliminator

This device detects, locates and terminates the electricity thief from the supply line.

RFID Limitor

An Arduino UNO based project for limiting the RFID Scans.

SAAS Laundry

Laundry management app for tracking and managing laundry orders.

Digital ID

Digitalizing the school id card and progress report.

Published Book

Blended Words - containing the mix of thoughts and ideas that begin coming to the Author when he was 16. Seven poems on clear language, how he motivates himself after failure, his view on the world and people, and much more.

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