Hasil Paudyal

Here I am
A cut above you all
Silent as a grave
In favour of your death

Lethal is my pen
Perfect would be again
A fortune is with me
Unbeatable this shall be

Dare you come near
Yell you out there
And who is this me
Links the first letters to me

Hasil Cover

sentiment_satisfied_alt Who am I?

Not always starting from A ends you in Z, sometimes you have to continue with AA and create any word of your own. Though having Graduation of Electrical Engineering I do have skills in Design, Web Development, Electrical repair and Electronics simulation. Out of the box, I write poems, speak quotes and try altering cloud saved data.

work What I do?

Web Developer at View9 | Nepal
(Jan 2019 - Present)
I develop the backend for website, connect its database to different platforms with api. I also build mini apps on react native.

Juniour Android Developer at Fixolla | India
(Feb 2018 - Dec 2018)
With their android development team I learnt app development and also developed api.

Security Analyst at Fixolla | India
(Sep 2017 - Feb 2018)
As analyst helped the company in scrapping the data from open sources and build their database. I was also offered for public speaking and promotional offers publicity across colleges in Bangalore.

Service and Sales Engineer at A2Z Laundry Solutions | India
(Dec 2016 - Dec 2018)
I was involved in laundry business setup, marketing and it growth for dorzens of laundries in India. I am one of the authorised service Engineer for Danube International (France), Pony(Italy) and SEKO (USA). Beside these, I am involved in other brands like Electrolux (Sweden), Maytag (USA), Speedqueen (USA), Hydrosystems (USA), SEITZ (Germany) and Sunrise (India).

Give me another Chance
You will Get
Less than I Gain...