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Hasil Paudyal

Hasil Paudyal

Here I am
A cut above you all
Silent as a grave
In favour of your death

Lethal is my pen
Perfect would be again
A fortune is with me
Unbeatable this shall be

Dare you come near
Yell you out there
And who is this me
Links the first letters to me

It's Me

Here I am
A cut above you all
Silent as a grave
In favour of your death


Came in Earth alone
And will be going alone
Needs someone to remove solitariness

Current Aim

I should get it whatever it costs
But within few months
If it slips off my hands
I may not get its glance

Take Me Out

Dreaming of getting you
I loosed everything
Cheerfulness of smile
And all the dreams of life

My Dream Girl

My sound never goes sharper,
Never goes shriller,
When I speak with you,
When I speak with you,

Leave Me Alone

What do you think you yourself are, leader of
my heart?
Who do you think you are, someone for whom
I can die?

What this moment is?

I never wish of getting you
But I always meet you
Wherever I move from
It leads up to you

Greed, love, genius and peace

The world doesn't seems to be greedy
You are the one who feels greedy
If you think that I am greedy
Then remember I am greedy because you are greedy

Happy New Year Sunshine

Here it comes
A new year again
But glass of wine
Weeks in my lifeline

Why Fail

Everyone listen what I Tell,
Why I always get Fail?
The school is Hell
To make me Fail!

If you know that I am genius
Then know that you made me genius
Everyone don't accept me as genius
Because they aren't genius to belief me as genius