Project - RFID Limiter

Hasil Paudyal

Hasil Paudyal

Here I am
A cut above you all
Silent as a grave
In favour of your death

Lethal is my pen
Perfect would be again
A fortune is with me
Unbeatable this shall be

Dare you come near
Yell you out there
And who is this me
Links the first letters to me

C/C++ 30%
Hardware 70%

receipt Project Overview

Usually RFID cards are used for authorizing by knowing the identity of the carrier. I built the device with an option to limit the number of authorizations to the individual cardholder. After (n) number of scans, the device revokes the access unless re-authorized by system head.

code My Highlighted Tasks
Count card scans Feature
Warn on last scan Feature
Visual notification on false card or revoked card Security
Log scan history with timestamp to SD card Security

May be its mine bad-luck
Or yours not to get me
But I still have hope
Of being yours